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Whale & Dolphin Watching Tours

Discover the Wildlife of Madeira.

Spot Amazing Whales and Dolphins

There’s no better way to spend a few hours in Madeira than on a whale watching tour! Not only do you have a great opportunity to spot amazing whales and dolphins, but you also get to do some sightseeing from the water on a relaxing cruise that is sure to be the highlight of your time in Madeira.

This is a wonderful way to get the whole family outside in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Madeira archipelago.


See Whales and Dolphins Around Madeira Island

Dolphins, sperm whales, baleen whales, and beaked whales all frequent the waters around the Madeira islands of Portugal. If you’re in the region and have always wanted to go whale watching, you can’t miss the opportunity to bask in the sun and take in the beauty of the islands. During your whale watching tour, friendly local guides will point out sightings and fill you in the various types of marine life swimming around the boat. The tour operators in Madeira work hard to protect the whales and dolphins by prioritising animal conservation and wellness efforts.

From tours on a traditional wooden fishing boat to high-speed RIBs, each experience on the water is different, but they all promise incredible sightseeing and opportunities to make memories in one of the most stunning destinations on earth. Visit one of the most active wildlife areas around the island and keep your eyes peeled for movement under the surface.

Experience the magic of Madeira! Book a whale watching tour online today.

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