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Scuba Diving Tours & Courses

Discover Madeira’s Underwater World.

Enjoy Guided Dives in the Atlantic

Year-round warm water, excellent visibility, and calm sea conditions make Madeira a wonderful place to go scuba diving! You’ll see moray eels, grouper, manta rays, seahorses, trumpetfish, and many other types of marine life on a scuba diving adventure.

There are even opportunities to swim with dolphins! Madeira’s warm waters have something for everyone, whether you’re new to scuba diving or more advanced. Book a tour today!


Madeira Scuba Diving Courses and Tours

Before you take the plunge and discover the magic of what lies beneath the waves, you’ll need to get scuba certified. Madeira is a very convenient location to learn to scuba dive. Before you know it, your pool training sessions will be behind you and you’ll be ready to enjoy guided dives in the Atlantic. From beginner scuba courses to more advanced offerings like Night Dive, Enriched Air Diver, and Computer Diver, Madeira is a hub for all things scuba! You can even book a freediving swim to learn what this fun water activity is all about.

Madeira’s Ponta de São Lourenço location offers both shore dives and boat dives depending on your experience level. This protected area is home to a beautiful reef with rock formations and volcanic caves that make for a fascinating dive. From sand, rocks, and caves to wildlife encounters with octopuses and cuttlefish, you can’t go wrong with scuba diving in Madeira. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a monk seal!

Book a Madeira scuba diving tour or course online today.

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